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Best Web-based Inventory Management Software in Dhaka Bangladesh

Inventory management software is an automation system to monitor your stock recording, stock movement, scrap management, stock adjustment, stock transfer. Get our inventory management software with point of sale (POS) with very reasonable price.

Boost your profit margin: Using a standary inventory control will give you real time stock picture. You can understand easily which product is important and which is not. Graphical report will give an idea about running and slow product. So, manage your stock with our standard inventory management software.

Standard inventory control: Inventory control management is very important for any trading or manufacturing business. We are offering the easiest inventory management software to improve your business process.

Purchase and Sales management: Our inventory software packed with all type of business specific process, such as purchase management, sales management, invoicing system, Accounting, financial report, point of sale, quotation management for supplier and customer, tender management, purchase requisition, supplier and customer ledger, stock and cash flow report etc.

Web based inventory software: Our customised software is fully online based. You can use it in your smartphone, tablet and laptop without any problem. You can sell your product from any where and any online device. Our inventory software is supported by latest Chrome, Fifrefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and any other latest browser. It is totally mobile responsive. Using our Inventory management software you will be able to keep your stock information at your finger tips.

Data security: Inventory software process lots of information. It is very important to keep all data secured. But now a days it is very difficult to keep any online based application secured. Millions of hackers and artificial bots always trying to destroy your online software. In our application, there is various type of latest protection method to protect your data from professional hackers or artifical bots.

Introducing with best inventory management software: Inventory management means a managerial seeking to accumulate and maintain accurate and real time stock information whereas inventory movement, adjustment, scrap, transfer, manage warehouse and location, manage lot and serial and keeping all related record in front of eyes. It additionally involves systems and processes that determine purchase order, shipment or product received, bill, sales order, delivery, customer invoice, accounting report and handles all functions related with stock. It will embody the observance of all products replacement in and out of godown and also the adaptive of the stock balances. The main objective of inventory management is to control stock levels and balance the requirment of product needs using minimum and maximum stock level indicator to reduce costing.

Inventory Management System: Inventory management software is an automation system to track stock record, purchase order, sales order, shipment and delivery. It also maintain supplier and customer ledger and multiple warehouse stock level. All profit making businesses is using inventory management software to avoid overstock & outage. A standard inventory software aims to reduces probability of understock and overstock situation. Our real time stock management software will help you to track your warehouse based employees daily task and performance.

How a inventory system work: There are many important functions available in most inventory tools. Using this system, you can sale any type of products with different terms and conditions. Product will be searchable by name, category, barcode, reference, supplier, purchase date and lots of alternative filters. Inventory tools always ensure you to manage stock, forecast inventory level, record supplier and customer order level. Using this tools, retailers manage their purchase order, sales order, inventory received and delivery, internal inventory transfer, stock adjustment and even they can manage their bills and invoices easily.

Industries use the most regarding inventory management software is that they reduce waste of time, manual efforts required to bill and invoices to track product information. Anyone can easily use multichannel stock management technology. It will optimizes sales in every environment wherever it is applied.

Barcode is available in this system. You can generate barcode easily by a click without any other barcode management software. This is foremost desired inventory feature that will make your complex purchase and sales process easy and reduce your time to receive or delivery item. By scanning a barcode, you will know full product information, product movement stages, warehouse location and others.

Inventory management software treat information as a different types of variable and make. Basically it offers you to simply record all history about your stocks in real time and update all related person in your business.

Why should you use inventory management software: Now a days getting maximum benifit in the competitive world, it is very important to maintain business timely, accurately, competently and according to demand of markets. What are market leader doing to handle challenge? All market leader using enterprise resource planning (ERP) to manage their own business, minimize their cost and boost profit margin.

There are some points of stock management system explanation from the usage of the quality software bundle as well as the right distribution of services and products, quick customer service and safe deal closure. Our inventory management software is completely web-based application without any boring installation or setup. But you can manage it as offline software using windows or linux server or any personal desktop. For online user any one can easily access system by their smartphone or tab.

Every business owner’s consider inventory management as important for the following points: If you have multiple warehouse or several stock location, it will be harder to manage procurement process. It is very tough to collect real time data to purchase right product. It is very time consuming process when you get sales order from different location and delivery all product just in time and place.

Smart Inventory management is a pillar of any successful business because it saves time and energy require to control inventory automatically. It is very difficult to record daily transaction and generate report manually. Who do not maintain a standard inventory system, generate report half-yearly or yearly. business owner’s do not get real time report.

Many business organisation report improvement of their profit margin after implementing a inventory management software. It can be, therefore as a result of standard inventory control system prevents you any type of human mistakes like loosing invoices, bills, journal, wrong calculation, ordering problem, out of stock and will reduce your procurement cost and increase your sales profit.

The more important thing about inventory management system is to deliver products at right time and reduce customer pain from waiting for received his product at right time. We have lead time feature to receive and delivery product at right. For shipment, you can set a lead time when your shipment will be late then it will add this lead time automatically. For sales, you can set lead time to deliver product to your customer. If you are late to deliver your product, it will add delivery lead time and customer won’t complain. It is very helpful feature for procurement, manufacturing and sales.

Your smart inventory management system will automatically adopt with unforeseen spikes in your quotation, sales order, delivery, customer invoice, receipt. You can check your grapical report daily to understand real scenario. It will prevent from sudden loss in your business. You won’t need to pay additional fees to use analytic features. The real benefit is that you can control your business from root.

With early response to any customer and serve them what they want, your regular customes will convert to happy clients than ever. They can track thier purchased product easily using customer portal. In customer portal, they can check their payable or other activities.

Inventory management software assist you to set up a ideal environment for your business and your employee will become an asset for you. Each employee can plan and work together what is very important in any business.

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