We designed our Curator Point of Sale (POS) on an easy and user-friendly interface. It is the best POS software in Bangladesh. You can use our POS system online or offline on tablets, laptops or desktops.

Our online pos system is connected with accounting & inventory software. All point of sale transactions registered on inventory and accounting applications.

You will be able to see real-time statistics and consolidation reports across your all shops or warehouses. However, you do not need to install other software.

Registering customers will give them an opportunity to get various privileges such as loyalty programs, discounts, quick communication, offers. If your customer wants an invoice after registering them, invoices can be generated easily. That’s why our best POS software in Bangladesh is using many reputed customers.

If any customer needs an invoice from the POS interface, there is a feature to generate an invoice from the POS system.

The standard return policy is key to keep your customers. As a result, we make it easy for you to return with refund any products from the pos interface.

Cash control allows to checking cash amount at the opening and closing. So, you can make sure that no error has been made.

Restaurant businesses have very specific requirements. In other words, the use of restaurant pos is to increase sales and decrease inefficiencies in this business. Therefore, the restaurant pos will improve your restaurant business day by day.

Table management allows you to manage floor wise table for specific guests. In restaurant pos, create your table, move them to a different floor and modify them. Register your tables order from a guest. After select a table, you will see the pos interface to order and payment receipt.

Best POS software in Bangladesh will offer your customers a bill-splitting option. As a result, it will give them a positive experience. That’s why this feature is out of the box in Curator Point of Sale (POS).

You can print the bill before payment. It is useful if the bill is very important.

To easy your workflow between front and kitchen, printing the order in the kitchen or bar will be quicker in your service order. You need an IoT box to get this benefit.

You can set an option to get a tip from your customers. It’s a common practice in many countries all over the world.

If your guest wants to change the table after making an order, Curator pos can change their order to their new table. As a result, keeping your guests happy without any complexity.

Best POS software in Bangladesh allows you to register multiple orders from the same POS interface without disrupting other orders. To add multiple orders, you can use the plus (+) button. You can move one order to another order with a click. How much easy it is!

You can connect a bank payment terminal to ease and speedy your cashier workflow. In your POS, when processing a payment select payment method in your pos terminal. Check the tendered amount and send it to the payment terminal. Therefore, it will show you a success payment message. If you need to cancel the payment request then click on the cancel button. After canceling a request, you can still have the opportunity to send a retry payment request. If there is any issue with a payment terminal, you can force the payment. It will allow you to validate order even terminal and pos has issues.

You can use a barcode scanner to improve your point of sale order efficiency. It helps you to save time. From the PoS interface scan any barcode to add it in pos. If you want to add the same product several times then scan it multiple times or change quantity manually.

In best pos software in Bangladesh, there is multiple cashier feature. You can track your employees easily. Who is working on the store or how much each cashier made for the session? Switching employees is very easy here. Selecting users, using PIN or scanning a barcode is a way to change the cashier very quickly. Once you have closed POS session, you can check the amount each user sold.

Sometimes it is important to reprint the last receipt. Reprint receipt is a special feature if you need to reprint the ticket.

You can accept credit card payment using mercury. To accept credit card payment, you need a mercuryPay account. This service only available on US and Canadian banks only for North American businesses. There is an alternative option for integrated card reader as an individual card reader. Copy the total transaction from pos into the card reader and save the transaction in Curator pos.

The cash rounding feature is important when you face a problem to pay or receipt the smallest coin. You can round up or down the total amount to solve the amount size when payment is made by cash. Each point of sale can be set cash rounding method separately.

It offers you to apply a manual discount based on the total amount or specific product. It can be percentage-based or not.

A time-limited discount feature is an awesome option to boost your sales. You can set product wise discount or category wise discount for a specific season. It is very effective to maximize your profit in the off-season or pick season. Different pricelist for any product is important to use this feature.

You can sell products with a discount tag when products getting close to its expiration date. To use discount tags, you need to learn about barcode nomenclature.

Encourage your clients continue to buy products from your shop, you can set a loyalty program. If customers continue their shopping from your store, they will get a reward like a discount, gift, and others. It will maximize your sales. You can plan what type of opportunity will be given to customers. If it is a discount or gift can set on specific products or category. You can set rules for valid situations.


It is very important for any business owner to check the statistic about sales. In our Curator PoS, there is an awesome graphical report to understand business analytics. Visit ERP SOLUTION