Payroll is a very critical department that needs extra care to manage. Every business needs to run it smoothly and efficiently. Any error can cause a bad impact on your whole business. The payroll department face a lot of pressure. If you maintain the whole process using paper documents, the payroll process will be very slow and complicated. If you want to reduce paperwork, you need standard payroll management. It will solve all the problems with some clicks. We developed fantastic payroll management for your business.

CURATOR Payroll management offers end-to-end payroll processing and complete employee management. Our payroll management is ready to help your payroll processes, help to reduce costs and timely maintain your payroll processes. You can print employee payslip easily. It provides support for multi location-based employees and manages year-end tax for your employees.

CURATOR Payroll changes your overall payroll experience. It will change your employee consumption and interact with human resource information. Employees contract, leave requests or allocation, attendance, KPIs, and all other information will be in one system.

Our leave management allows you to allocate leave types and approval. After approving leave types, you can allocate leave for specific employees and refer it to the manager for approval. Check leave requests in your dashboard. Approve or refuse any leave request. Check the calendar to prevent overlapping leave requests. Get an awesome report for your employees to leave.

CURATOR Payroll management offers you some awesome functionality for your individual company or multi companies. Manage your human resource and workforce easily. You can adjust your custom workflow and reports in this system.