Develop your website, then add readymade features like jobs, ecommerce, customer portal, events, blog, call-to-action, newsletter etc. Get all your website features within a click.

Get a website that automatically fit your business style. Branding is very critical for any business. We brought some awesome feature what will improve your business strategy.

Our search engine optimisation tool is connected with google analytics and google search console. Get more traffic use our seo tools. your website is optimised by default. So, you don’t need to worry about technical error, page speed, google schemas, sitemaps. We always keep update our website engine.


Our multi website features will give you excellent opportunity to segment your customers for your multiple businesses. Multiple visitors from your multi website will speed-up your revenue. Every website will work individually with its own theme, logo, domain, header, footer, pages, languages, products, blogs, forum, slides, events, live chat and others.


Track visitors in your website. You can measure who is coming from email marketing or search engine optimisation easily. After configure tracker in every page, you will be notified automatically when anyone will visit page. You can launch live chat during visitor browsing your webpage.


Email marketing is available in our web application. Our email marketing feature offer you to send mail your subscriber. Forget about other software when others is using third party application to send mass mail. You will get everything under one website.


We offer header layout to choose from our unique design and set of features. Header can be set on the left, right or top. There are some options to customise header and its content.


There are different types of option to customise footer. After click on footer area from admin panel, you will get edit option to change its default conten. It will open sidebar to customise your own footer style. There are three sub-panel to edit footer content, footer background image and footer style.


Sidebars are vertical columnn to display contents. You can choose single or dual sidebars. You can set it with individual page or all pages. There is available for responsive sidebars, sticky sidebars or assigning widget areas to sidebars.


Our application allows you to set unlimited areas for specific widgets. You can assign widget to header, footer, sidebar, menubar or content areas.


Pages is the mother of any website. You can easily create unlimited pages without coding. There is available visual text editor feature to design your page using drag and drop. Our ready page template will reduce your time to design your page.


To make your own menu, you should familiar with our default system. Our menu feature comes with mixture of different functions and settings. You can set multi-level menu for mega menu structure. Basically it has parent menu and child menu. You can add sub-level below the parent leve menu item. It can be up to 4 child levels.


Our awsome website feature is plugin installation. It allows you to install different types of individual plugins. There is many plugin available for slider, menubar, sidebar, visual edit, search option, blogs, forum and many more. Each plugin will give you new feature what is not available in basic features.


Media feature will store all type of videos, images and files. It allows you to play video content from your own website. Any image can be save in your website using it. Visitor’s can read .pdf or .doc file from website or download it their own laptop or mobile. It is possible to customize media features on specific requirement.


Showcase your videos, images and text on your website. You can load any video in your website with youtube, vimeo, or any self hosted videos. There is some specific format for self hosted videos but you can define your own format to customise it. It is very easy to use any video in any specific area of any pages.


How do you measure image size to fit in your website as well as to look crisp and high definition on your visitor’s screen. Actually image size is depends on various factor such sidebar, slider height and width, and other content. Image size concept starts on image aspect ratios. Its a relationship between height and width. You can use image as background container. We introduce here a feature called image lazy loading. When visitor scroll down more and more images come into view. They are then load as well. It will give you an instant benefit to load your page quickly.


Our Curator Slider feature is a beautiful and attractive slider to fit any website. It is a 100% responsive and give you full control to customise your slider. Design your slider with image, video, heading, text and animation. It has 2 main part. One is slider another is slide. At first you have to create slider then add some slide on slider.


A portfolio is a collection of your creative works to demostration your potential customers. Sometime portfolio is very important for an individual owner or corporate business. Whether your are a engineer, artist, photographer, manufacturer, you will probably need to display your all work in a well presented collection. You can display all item in specific category using our own portfolio feature.


Curator includes Freequently Ask Questions element that enables you to give answer some common questions. It is useful when you want to display basic information about your products or services. It can be categorised or filtered, therefor visitor can find information easily. There is some different features to post in faq section.


Our website application offers a wide range of social media icons. You can use it in any area on website. There is a option for social media share from website instantly. Share is available for pages, posts, portfolio item or other piece of interesting content with your customers.


If you are new about website translation, then you are in the right place. We have an awesome function to translate any pages in any languages. It is called localization. Now, localization is very popular for different types of industry. Before, it was difficult to read content for non loacal people for various type of languages. But now, many companies are using localization to reach maximum visitors.


Blog is the key to reach different types of community. It helps a website to engage visitors. Its a very important section of any website. You can represent your products and services more clearly using blog post. It is the strong way of marketing for your products or services. Curator offers you a strong blog engine for your website.